Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Transfer to New Rochelle, NY

Mommy! Ok this stinks but I have like no time! I am in New Rochelle with Elder Kropft. I will be killing him. Term meaning that he will be sending him home next transfer. This is his last cycle. I am also a ZL .now.  Zone Leader, similar to a district leader but works with a larger group of missionaries. I am certain he will explain his responsibilities in future emails.   But I am happy about the changes, it was hard at first but now I am really excited to be here :) this stupid computer at the library only gave me 15 mintues to email because the library is closing in a couple of minutes. and we were helping with Transfers all day.  But I am glad to hear Thomas is doing well! :) As you all are. :) Sorry that this will be the shortest email of my mission.
Well I love you all very much I promise I will say more next week! :) You are all the best!
Love Mark! :)

Some pictures from his last weekend in Stamford:

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