Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Gospel Comparison to Halo?

Dear Mom... Thank you so much for sending that to me! :) Your conversion brought tears to my eyes and I felt a really strong special spirit at I read it. So thank you so much :)

Well other than that.. I really have no idea what is going to happen with Transfers. I know that Elder Vazquez is out of here. As well as Elder Stevens will probably be going to. Shoot there is even the potential that I could leave and Fox could take over the area. (Probably not) But it is still possible. But I will let you know when I know something. Maybe splitting the area?? That is possible as well becasue of all the Work we have from this plan! :) Our investigators are doing great! I love them all! Every  single one is an awesome person and I love them so much! Haha quick funny story!

So all those years of me playing Halo came in handy yesterday! We were teaching our investigator Emmanuel, he is 12, and he loves Halo! And he had some doubts about getting baptized because he feels like he would need to be perfect, or God would expect so much more of him after he would be baptized.. So I related the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Halo and the Master Chief ( the main character in
the game lol) Baptism was the beginning of the game. Afterwards he would die (or spiritually die in real life. SIN) but he would advance to Different Checkpoints (places where it saves the game and you don't have to restart.) And that is equivelent to Sacrament and Repentance. And New Levels are steps in the Gospel (Priesthood,Patriarchal Blessings, Callings, Temple, Etc.) And at the End you beat the game. (Resurrection) And throughout the whole game you have someone there to help you (Cortana, ask Greg I don't feel like explaining. It's a Hologram Master Chief has inside his helmet.) And I compared that to the Gift of the Holy Ghost and how that will help us finish the game and keep on going on and Fighting and killing the Covenent, as compared to enduring to the end..     It was completely led by the spirit. And at the end we asked him if he still had doubt and he said "no.. not really the Halo Analogy made everything pretty clear and helped a lot! 

so Mom all those years of me playing video games was actually a blessing :) it helped someone's elses life in their progression in the Gospel and coming unto Christ! :) :) Next time we go we are setting a bap date with him! That will be on Saturday! :) So we are excited! if you did not understand the analogy I made just ask Greg to explain it to you lol! 

Well we got to get going! But I just want you to know I love you and am thankful for all that you do! :) You are the best Mommy! :)

I love you all and you are all in my prayers! 

Love you! Love, Marky

Some answers to questions -

1. So yes we get fed very well! Somehow I am still managing to not gain weight.. like 3 or 4 weeks ago we had 4 dinners in 1 night lol! 

2. And it varies. Right now we have a really big teaching pool because of our recent Ward mission plan! It is going great! We try to teach 20 lessons a week, Including Members and less actives. But right now we are really focusing on getting With Member Lessons! :) 

3. We cover 2 cities Greenwich and Stamford (And yes I know they are both very rich) 

4. WE only cover 1 Ward. The Sister Missionaries cover Norwalk CT. 

5. We go to PEC the First Sunday of Every month. Other than that we go to Correlation every Sunday morning. In my other 2 wards we went to PEC each Sunday. 

6.Stamford is a lot different. A lot more houses and sane people. Most of the people here are from either Peru, Ecuador, or Guatemala. In the Bronx they were almost all Dominicans. We don't really work in the Rich part of our area. We stay really close to the actual city. 

7.Most are employed.. Stamford's nickname is the "City that Works" haha kind of lame. But they do landscaping.. Or surprisingly a ton of them work at McDonalds. Just depends. A lot work at Restaurants as well.

8. Well today we are just relaxing. Last week we went to the Mall.. And other than that we just play sports and hang out. I would like to go fishing or hiking one of these weeks though. That would be a lot of fun! :) 

9. So we are now allowed to go to the Statue of Liberty and Time Square and all of those places. Hopefully I will be back in the city at the end of my mission so I can do all that.

10. and yes I have been to the Natural History Museum. 2 times actually and 2 Times at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I have not finished looking through either 1 though. They are HUGE! Makes the Art Museum in STL look like a little turd. From what I remember though i think I like the Museum of Natural History in D.C more than the one here. 

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