Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Will Go Where He Wants Me to Go

Hey there Everybody! Hope all is going well back home! :) So Mom and Dad I am going to try and reply to you both in this email.

So Mom I am glad you got to talk to President Morgan. Elder Fusco, one of our APs, told me last night that he talked to you and that you had called, wanting to talk to President Morgan. Not going to lie I was a little worried at first. I thought something had happened. haha but it was obviously nothing :) 

So thank you for sending the package! I could not tell if you had already eaten part of the cake or if it got smashed in travel lol! But Elder Kay and I plan on eating it tonight :) So thank you for sending that! We will really enjoy it!

And we are happy as well that Michelle was baptized! And so was she! And Elder Kay is doing alright. Sometimes he is good, sometimes he is a little worse. But overall he is doing a little better. He was good enough to play dodge ball with us today.  We are both just kind of confused as to what it is he has.  So just please continue to keep him in your prayers :) 

So I know we have already talked about this, but yeah I am just really super confused as to what I am supposed to do. So I  will just send in the app and go from there! So keep me in your prayers so I can make the best decision. 

So I am glad you guys had fun in Louisiana! I am jealous! I really look forward to going down and seeing family! I would really like to go as a family maybe during the summer. But even if not I would be more than happy to go down alone with some friends or something. Let everyone know that I miss them a lot, and I am thinking of them and praying for them constantly!  

And tell Todd I love him! and I will be home soon, and tell him to get ready to have some fun with his older brother! :) 

So haha just fun news, so I don't know if you all remember the LSU hat I bought when we all went down to Branson for a week with Mckeon and Tre. I bought it that night when we went shopping and Lindsay, Mckeon and Tre all told me not to buy it because it was white and I would ruin it within 2 months... Well I am wearing it right now and it is still not ruined :) I just felt like bragging about that lol! For some reason I am pretty happy because of that :P I was telling that to Elder Kay earlier and he did not seem to care, as I am sure you all don't lol! 

But I'm good! just staying busy! Transfers are next week! I kind of hope I don't go. I really love the people here, and I don't want to go to an area for just 5 weeks. But I will go wherever the Lord wishes to send me! I have no idea what is going to happen, but I will be sure to let you all know! Dad please take me to Orlando! haha that would be so much fun! I love Disney World! :) It is awesome! But enjoy your trips. Try to do something fun while you are there! And keep working hard! I really do appreciate all that you do for the family. Much much more than I did before! 

And I will think about if I want to go somewhere to eat.. A Shrimp boil would be pretty sick! I would like that a lot! and we could invite all my friends! I freaking miss those guys! 

Well love you all! Hope you have a great week! You are all the best! Let me know if there is anything I can do! :)


Love your son, Elder Mark Mattei! :)

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