Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fun Evening with the Morgans

Hey There Mommy!!! :)
So let me tell you what is going on! :) So Michelle will be getting baptized for sure this Saturday that is coming up! Her Grandpa is going to baptize her so we are excited about that! She has her interview tomorrow! She is more than ready! She is such a smart little girl! We are extremely excited for her! And we are continuing to teach the rest of our investigators.. They are all progressing really slowly. The girls we were teaching at Manhattanville College are on Winter break right now so we won't be going back to see them until the end of January. Apart from that we are working really hard with what we have! We have also been working really hard with Less Actives. That is more or less the focus right now. To leave the 99 and bring back the 1! And that is something I have always enjoyed doing! There are such good fruits from Less Active work! Just look at what happened to our family because Dad was a LA! (less active) :) So great things come to pass because of it! And it is a great way to find part member families. Our ward has been pushing on it for some time. Our stake here has quite a problem with it, so it is something we are trying to work on!
So this past week all of the ZL's (Zone Leaders) had Zone Council with President Morgan! We just talked about how one of our new focuses would be working with Less Active and Part Member families! It was a really good meeting! We have them the first Friday of every month. It is one of the things I enjoy most about being a Zone Leader. We get fed lunch and just are uplifted by the spirit. Especially this time I came back feeling rejuvenated. After that I had an interview with President Morgan in the mission home. It was to renew my temple recommend... It is hard to believe that it has been 2 years... Yesterday I went to the Doctor's office with Elder Kay, and I was watching the news for a minute and they were talking about how it was the 2 year anniversary of when that congresswoman and all those people were shot in Arizona... That is hard to believe.. That was right before I came out. I remember talking to the podiatrist about that when I was getting my ingrown toenails taken care of.. (PS by the way when I get home I want to get the last one cauterized.) So yeah time is flying... And then Idk if he did, but President Morgan said he was going to call you mom. I gave him your number. On Monday evening Elder Kay,the missionaries we live with, and I had dinner with the Morgans. I made gumbo for them! He loved it! :) It was a lot of fun! I left them the recipe.. He joked about letting us stay over and watch the National Championship.. I had my fingers crossed! But it was a good night! Sister Morgan helped me cook, and she also made some delicious Cornbread! Everything turned out really good! :) I love that family! Their son Ryan is hilarious! I will always joke around about playing video games or watching movies with him. He would be totally down for it. He is about Todd's age. Way funny kid. So he pretty much told us Elder Kay and I will not be staying together.. We joked around with him about it, and it did not sound as if he was even thinking about it! So we will see in a couple of weeks where I will be next cycle! I would have liked to stay with Elder Kay, but if I move I would like to go somewhere I have served before!
But anyway the Morgans are awesome! I hope that you all can meet them one day! So you mentioned that Hockey is starting back up?!?!?!?! When?? And I do want to go to a game!!! :) Like for real that would be so much fun!
And yes Sister Dennison called asking me to mention to you about sending the stuff in.. So if you could do that asap! She really wants to know what airport I will be flying into, so you could just tell me and I could tell her. But still send it all in!
Apart from that all is well.. We still don't know what is wrong with Elder Kay.
So as of right now I still plan on coming home. But we will see what happens! We will just wait until the end of the month to see if we will send the app.. But as of right now. I plan on coming home and being with the family for a while! Maybe BYU later on down the road.. we will see! Well I love you all and I hope you all have a great week! Mom I will be on again later so you can get on and chat! Love you! :) Love Marky Mark! :)

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