Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The "New" Mark

Hey mom! :)
Well not much time like usual! So I am going to try to answer all your questions. Okay yes I received mail from almost all of my friends! As well as most of our relatives. I have had like no time to write letters though with all of these hectic pdays we have been having. I need to write them. It is likely I will not go to the city at all next cycle and I will spend it catching up on all my letters. So I apologize about that to every one :(
Glad to hear Todd got good grades! :) That really made me happy to hear! I wish I would have tried harder in High School. I now realize how important that was. I have changed a lot in that regard. I realize how important school is, and how it will lead to success and to making me happier. That is why I am so eager to go to BYU. And to go to Utah. I want to stay the person I have become on my mission. And I am afraid if I go back home and just start sitting on my butt again I will become the "old Mark".  Not saying that I am different. My priorities are just a little better well organized now :) But I think as far as personality goes you will find it surprising how little I have changed haha! My actions are different though and my decisions. And I believe I am a lot less prideful lol! And you are going to hate me for this but I have not been taking as many pictures as I should :( Next cycle I will be going to the Statue of Liberty though and Battery Park, and the Empire State Building :) So I will make sure I have my camera on me then.
Today Elder Kropf is going to see "Wicked" so I will be hanging out with Elder Fusco, our AP. So that will be funnish... lol! We are going to the city.. again.. haha I really just want to relax! But oh not much time. Hopefully I will get on in the city and be able to email. But Lion King Tickets - don't worry about it. I talked to Elder Dennison in the office (senior missionary), he is going to figure out the ticket situation for us :) I just need to know how much you guys are willing to spend! I may go see it in Feb when there is a pday show. But I don't know yet. A couple missionaries want me to go see Newsies with them!
Well no time, ask me about the meeting we had with Elder Christofferson next week!! It was so good and I want time to explain it!
We are setting a date with the Lopez family this week! The 4 Mexican sisters! So pray for them! Okay really got to go now. We need to meet up with the AP's! Okay love you all! Have a great week!
Love Mark! :)

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