Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just a Few Quick Thoughts

Well I know you are writing but I am going to start writing now! So the big question is.. When is Lindsay putting in her papers??? :) Hopefully soon! :) That is such a big crazy change!
But anyways conference was so good this weekend! I loved all of it! One thing that really stood out to me is when President Monson said "As we act on the promptings of the Spirit the Lord will use us more frequently to run his errands" Or something along those lines. I was listening to it in Spanish so I do not know exactly what it was that he said. But I loved it! I learned so many things by the leaders of the Church, as well as by the spirit! :)
So not a lot of time so I am going to cut to the chase. Mom could you look for Lion king Broadway tickets for like the 2nd of January? There are like 4 or 5 of us who want to go and the sooner the tickets are bought the cheaper they are. So If you could look and tell me prices that would be great.. and would you be willing to buy them and then I could just have everybody pay you back? Because we would all need to buy them together so we could be in a group... But either that day or like the week before or something. Any of those Wednesdays would really work. Just make sure it is a Wednesday. could you do that for me?? :) Thank you tons! :) Just look at prices and let me know what I could do for myself?? That could be my Christmas present! :) Please do that this week!!! :) The sooner the more money we all save!
Okay well about college. Second thought apply for the Fall semester. Not summer. After some praying that is what I want to do. And Elder Fox told me I could apply as a freshman because that is what he did at multiple schools lol! So if you could start that.  Okay well mom not a lot of time! but I am glad to hear bout Linz! :) She should go right after I get home! A Well mom I love you all! Got to keep it short! :)
Oh scc ID no idea where it is! Well I love you all! Love Mark! :)
Sorry about the short email! WE are going to the city again! :) Chinatown and Memorial for the Trade Centers! lo love u all! :)

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