Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Finally Adjusting

Hey there! Okay so I am going to address the Lion King first... There are only night time showings?? No day time... :( If you could look again that would be great. But yes that will be a problem if they have stopped showing them during the day. And not necessarily that week but it would need to be sometime during my second cycle. And not the last week of it. So maybe like the 26th of December. That would be good! :) So just look around there. I really hope they still have daytime showings.  Many of the missionaries in his mission are able to view a Broadway show before coming home.
Well not going to lie, not much new.. Going to the city again today for Pday. Haha I think next cycle I am not going to go at all! lol! It's just such a hassle :P But it has been nice to enjoy some of the new privileges we have. They are now able to go into the New York South mission to see such sights as the WTC Memorial, Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty.  But I would much rather serve there again! I really hope I can go back and finish my mission in Harlem!
ZL Zone Leader stuff is normal. Not too much going on. We are now allowed to give permission to missionaries to leave the Zone on Pday. Zone Leaders have a lot more responsibility than before, but still nothing too backbreaking. My favorite part so far has been going to Zone Council and getting to meet with all the others ZL's, APs,Assistants to the President and President and Sister Morgan. Those are pretty cool meetings where we all get to share our thoughts, ideas, and experiences from the mission.
Oh Big news! This Saturday Elder D. Todd Christofferson from the Quorum of the 12 is coming to talk to us :) That is going to be so cool! I remember when he came to our stake! It will be cool getting to meet with him again! He is coming to talk to the Yorktown Stake (Where I was in Stamford) And I was upset that I was not going to get to hear from him after I got transferred, but now he is coming to talk to all the Missionaries so I am really excited! :) It is going to be sick! I will tell you all about it next week! \
Other than that, not too much new. I took over the area yesterday when I went on a split with Elder Elliot (District Leader from English District) He is really cool! Such a great teacher! I learned so much from him! I think it was one of the better splits I have had on my mission. The ward has been struggling with people coming to church so we have been focusing for now on a lot of less active work. We were looking some people up yesterday and we had a bit of a miracle. We just so happened to visit a family who was having some internal struggles... Can't say too much. But it was truly amazing what led us up to going there :) 
So tell Lindsay to email me! I want to know her plans about serving! I think she should get her papers in ASAP! And if she does not want to leave until after I get home, just put her departure date for after! But she could get her call within the next 2 months in all reality! .. Following the announcement at General Conference that young women can now go on missions at the age of 19, Lindsay has decided to put in her mission application early next year.  Yes, I have requested that she not go until after Mark gets home.
All of our investigators are slowly progressing. I love helping them work past their fears and doubts! :) I have finally started meeting some members, and I completely got punked multiple times the other day at the Arroyo's house( I think that's their name lol! ) First off I ate a tiny pepper.. Freaking Hot as.. yeah. But it surprised me how hot that little thing was. Not going to do that again... then they played a game with us..  It was way weird.. There was one person who would decide how to touch someone's face with their hand and just do something funny.. like run their finger across the person to their left's forehead, for example.. I thought the game had no point... Well turns out Elizabeth ( the mom lol) had lipstick on her fingers.. So whenever she touched my face I got lipstick all over me...  I had no idea what was going on, but everyone else was laughing at me and I did not quite get it.. haha It's kind of hard to explain but it was funny... Elder Kropf got a pretty good kick out of it. It took me like 10 rounds until I looked at my hand and there was a red mark and I was like "what the?? " lol It was fun!
To answer you question Mom we have been going down to the city for our Pdays. Last week we went to China Town and to the 9-11 Memorial with Sister Keanini and Sister Floyd!  I was proud of myself! I did not spend any money apart from $7 for Metro!
But anyways that is about all the news for this week! :) I am doing good and finally adjusting to this place! :) We are trying to pick up the work! We really need the help from the members so that is what we are focusing on.. But first we need to get them to church! Well pray for us here! Pray for the ward! :)
I love you all! Take care and have a great week! :) 
Love Mark!

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