Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Becoming a Better Version of Myself

Hey! What up Yall!!!

So I'm not feeling well today and don't have much time becaue we are going to the zoo!! Crazy that Greg is getting home! Lucky Duck! He deserves it! I wish I could see him! And it really stinks I won't get to talk to him until Christmas and by then his mission will be less in his mind :( I miss him a ton now that he is coming home! I could not fall asleep last night . But I am happy for all of you as well! Give him a hug for me and let him know how happy I am for him! And for the service he has done for the Lord! I am so proud of him!!  Tell him to email me when he gets home! I want to hear from him! 

Felipe Munoz left on his mission to Pittsburg! We helped him get stuff ready on sunday night! And Sister Munoz made us gumbo! It was way good! And I was really happy! Sunday was a really good day in general! I for sure need to take you to meet this family after my mission! They are awesome! 

Also I got a package from Melissa yesterday :) That was really nice and made me really happy! It had pictures, a coloring book! Candy, and a puzzle and some other stuff in there! It was really nice! Haha she really is the best! :) Like really she is! :) :) :) Mom when you see her next give her a giant hug for me!!! :)

I also Got a letter from Jackie Martin, and from Sister Duree with letters from the primary kids including Garrett :)

So not much has happened this week! Actually I lied! A lot has, just more negative stuff! We were pretty much dropped by Lisalo... I have no idea what happened she was so ready and she said she wanted to be baptized, but said that she started having family problems and stuff and she thought it was a sign she should not get baptized.. But I would say its the exact opposite... More like Satan was trying to stop her... :( IDK that has just really been upsetting me. She said she would pray again! And I can only hope that her prayer is answered again... She said she prayed and knew it was true and the Holy Ghost told her so... But now she does not know... I am really upset about it and everytime I think about it I become more and more upset...

Same news with Eric and Christina... We taught them a principle that they could not quite agree with. And now they seem to be ignoring us. But I have faith everything is going to work out. We will just give them time and see what happens. And continue to pray! I just wish they could realize how much this could really change their lives. I'm sad because I know what they can have... And if they choose not to accept it.. then :( :( The Gospel is everything... Jesus Christ is everything. Its only through him, his mercy, his grace, and his atoning sacrifice that we can live again! And not only live, but live and be happy... Forever.

On better news! Silvano is preparing for Baptism! He came to Church and loved it!! We are visiting him on Friday!! when I am on a Split with Elder Scott in my area... Elder Scott only knows English lol! So pray for me and that I can magically learn Spanish even faster in the next couple days... Like I said I can speak it pretty well! It is understanding it that i have problems with lol! But it will be all good! I am excited for it! And same with Rogelio and Jasmine! They seem to be pretty excited. 

Life is awesome! I learn to love people more and more everyday! Each one of them is important. And Each one of them is my brother and sister... Sometimes when I walk out. That is really hard to imagine. That the homeless guy laying on the stairs drinking a bottle of Warm Vodka is really my brother. And that God cares for him. But its true and I have a testimony of that stronger than anything else!

I am so glad to be on a mission and doing the things I do! I am not necessarily changing... I look at it as becoming a better version of myself as Hermano Corbride Always said! I love the Gospel and am excited for everything to come! I am glad the RJ, Jackson, Mckean, and soon Tre, have decided to serve the Lord! I have already seen change take place in peoples lives! And I know that they will do the same! They are going to help people. To serve people. To help people find TRUE happienes, and most importantly testify and teach of our Savior Jesus Christ! I love my life and I am grateful for everyone back home! Things are hard and will only get harder! But I am ready for it! I got to get going so I will leave you all be! I love you and I miss you! Hope you all know you are freaking everying to me! Stay who you are and I will see you all soon! 

Love you! 

Love Mark! 

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