Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not Much Time

ok not much time cuz you sent me a ton lol! Spanish is great we are teaching a ton in spanish! We had our first TRC its like practice lessons, and me and Elder scaife taught the whole first lesson in Spanish! Yo se la igesia de jesucristu es verdadero. Nuestro amoroso Padre Celestial nos da profetas a bendece nuestro familias. Amo mi famila! conta Too, Yo se amo! ok haha thats enough spanish for you all I dont got a lot of time lol!

Ok yeah I pick up the mail as DL. But I was not assigned because Elder Law and Elder Crisp got their visas cuz they havent yet :( I feel bad for them! They switch the DL's and ZL's every three weeks so. Someone else in my district will become the new DL on Sunday and Someone in our Zone will become the new ZL. haha ok sorry I feel so rushed!( DLs are district leaders, ZLs are zone leaders) Sorry about my voice mail lol! Thats kind of funny though!(Todd is presently using Mark's old phone; when I called it yesterday, I got Mark's old voicemail.  I miss his voice!)  I'm glad that you are able to give my car away. But yeah I will miss it but that is very nice of you guys. Give it a hug for me! Thats awesome that you got a new car mom! Feel like I am missing a ton but it is all good! How is Austin feeling being back home? I bet thats still really exciting for him!

So no I can't get on the internet and check the blogs. The computer access is limited, but there are ways around it, but thats where your own personal accountability comes in!! Thats awesome that Tre is putting in his papers! He better write me when he gets his call!!!

So I have seen RJ and Jackson a little! Rj a whole lot more I get to talk to him all the time. I never see Jackson :(  I am just glad they  are here! oh and Rj got to call home cuz of something with his passport or something! And he got to fly out ot San Fran for a day and get it sorted out!

Ok but Melissa seems to be doing good :) Let her know I miss her! and Let me know how everything is back home! I wish I had more time to to expound on things :( once I get to NY I will be able to! I just want to get there! Sorry for my spelling once again! Oh and mom that would be cool if you sent doughnuts or something! Greg sounds like he is doing good! LEt him know I miss him! And to keep doing good work!

ok few quick things, get ahold of the schnitzleers and get my hockey net for todd! I am sure you guys can find their number somewhere! Also I need Nash's and Bladen's Addresses! oh and send me some of that red axe hair gel i am out lol!

more pics soon to come! I love you all. and you are in my prayers! Hope everything is well! Talk to you all Soon!!!!!! :)

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