Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Trying to Love as He Did in All that I Do and Say

Ok not much time at all today. Sorry for the spelling in advancve lol :) Just fix it for me :) ok being a Zone LEader is alright. Its what the Lord wants me to do so I am doing it to the best of my ability. He says "Jump" I say "how high" that's my mentality about it. Basically I have to talk to all the DL's once a week and make sure everything is ok in the Zone. Set up Sacrament and Priesthood Meetings. Uhm, oh we are the Agent Zone leaders of the building so that means we are basically the head zone leaders of our residence hall... Ugh. One of the rules is we have to make sure no one is using the vending machines past 10. Some Elders can be a real pain in the You know what about it. I just try to be as loving as I can, but no offense some of them are real jerks about it. I'm just trying to do what I have been asked. Oh and last night some kids above us were playing football in the halls at about 11 at night, and quiet time is 10:30 so we had to go up there and tell them they needed to quiet down. I hate being a Nazi :( But its what I am supposed to do, so I have to. Like I said I try to do everything the way Christ would. Which is very unachievable lol! Obedience is way improtant here though. so yeahh.... lol! I love it though., It can be really frustrating at times though!

Sending the Memory card today! Thanks for the reminder! Also Thank you for the easter Package I loved it! It was awesome! And I got the new one today so thank you for that too! Love you all for it! I can't wait to get my letters from the family.  Spanish is going good! :) getting a ton better actually. I can really seee the improvement since Elder Scott came. Priesthood blessings are the Best! hahaha But really they are! I'm not fluent,but I know that through the Lord and with a butt load of practice I soon will be!
Ok real fast only 2 min left! They just changed up the whole schedule! I see Jackson and RJ a ton now! Both have the same Lunch ant Dinner as me! Ok so basic day is we have two teachers a day! Hermano Gilli left for Colorado this week for a new job so we got a new teacher.  Hermono Hernandez he is from MX. Oh and Elder LAw left this morning he got his Visa yesterday! Crazy!
Ok then we have personal study, language study, and gym ,and comp study not much time 10 seconds left! I love you all! and miss you Have fun! in my prayers.   Bye love you!

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