Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Little Short

Hey there everyone! Hey I am going to keep it a little short today! Don't have a lot of time. To answer mom's question, transfers were today. Elder Wilkey left for Harlem (not my area, Elder Lewis's old area) And I am jealous. lol! And I was with Elder Huerta for 4 cycles. Wilkey for 3. And looks like Elder Hellberg may be coming to visit next week! So that will be fun! :)
But my new comp is Elder Eliason!!!!  (one of Mark's MTC roommates)  Haha I am so excited! Haha such a goofy kid! But I am excited and so is he. He has been upstate since we left the MTC so he is excited to come to the City. And we have a baptism this week with Edwin. We just need to get a hold of him! So IDK I am pumped. this next six weeks are going to be awesome.
So what else. Wilkey said bye to everyone yesterday. Uh oh sorry to hear about the car... Speaking of cars... I lost my driver's license... lol! Not so funny...  My wallet broke and only my driver's license fell out... So can you guys find out what I have to do to get a new one... And if i can get a new one.. I have no idea where I lost it. I never take it out... so yes please do that for me :)
Uh what else - oh so is Nicole living at the house still??And hey do we have extra PS3 games?? haha I feel like my questions never get answered lol! But all good! and yes I will send the memory card tomorrow. It is full.
Easter was good. Nothing special. Went to a member in Elder Sayao and Topham's area. But it was good! Elder Clark and Elder Martin are coming to open up Elder Huerta's old area. So that is fun! We will have a distict of 8. So that is exciting! This is going to be a great cycle! :)
But yeah glad the wedding was good! Wish I could have been there! Hope you let everybody know how much I love and care about them! Well I am going to keep it short today. Busy day! I love you all so much! Have Greg write me sometime! :) I love you all! Give Garrett and Thomas a hug for me and let them know I love and miss them. Take care and God Bless! Love Mark! :)

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