Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another Short One

Hey! Sorry about the memory card first of all! I know you all want to see my pretty litle pictures! Well not a lot of time today. The computers at the library give me a limit. We are in Manhattan today... I miss it a lot :( I would really like to finish my mission here. I saw a couple of members by chance today. And I went and got my hair cut from a member in the Harlem ward :) It was nice to see them! And we went to Central Park to show Elder Lewis's greeny. I love it here! I miss it SO MUCH! haha! I really would not mind living here when I am older.. I really want to finish my mission here... in Harlem.  

So hey I heard you got my package! Hide it and don't let anyone touch it!!! Seriously. Uh what else.... I really have to keep it short... Well Edwin will be getting baptized Sunday. We had a rough time last last week getting a hold of him.  Well the week was good! Things are getting better. :) And yes language study has been happening! :) And don't call me Greglike mom lol! You don't understand how hard it is to get to a post office lol! I HAVE TO WALK :P Lazy, I know.. But really it is kind of difficult.. The only time I really have time is P day. But I will do my best to get it sent off tomorrow. It has no more memory.... :( Well I am going to get going. To keep it short just want to let all of you know I love you so much! Nicole is in my prayers especially :) As well as all of you! You are all the best! I miss home!  Take care all of you! I will say more next week! These GAY computers limit me though! Have a great week! Talk to you all soon! MOTHERS DAY is just around the corner! :)
Love you MUCHO! Love, Mark! :)

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