Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life is Good

Hello Mommy! And Everyone!

Haha So first things first.. The Memory Card.. Haha I did not send it because I wanted to keep it for Edwin's baptism Sunday... But that did not happen. He dropped us the morning of :( But that's all good, something to learn from. I just feel bad for him. We think it had something to do with the parents.. We did all we could though. But I will send it with the package I have! It's more stuff that I really just do not need! I will throw the Memory Card in there with it! Also, Mom could you print off all of the the pictures from my mission with recent converts and members?
And that is so crazy about Hunter! Wow Tubbs is engaged?? And Chrisse will be married in June?? That is so freaking crazy! Life changes so fast... But yeah this week was a great week! I went on a split with Elder Clark yesterday. He is really cool! He plays D1 AA Football for SVU.  He is a huge guy! Really cool though. Today on P Day we played kickball on the park where old Yankee stadium used to be. And that was a lot of fun. And Manhattan last week was fun!  We went to Central Park and played catch (Baseball.)  But yeah life is good! Uh what about NY? Crazy people, Crazy Rats, and Crazy pigeons.. What more is there to know?? lol! There is a guy who walks the streets making bird noises and all kinds of other stuff lol! I love it though! Eliason is still getting used to the city. There is something crazy that happens everyday. Last night we were talking to some lady and next thing you know she is telling Elder Clark and me how much we turn her on lol! And then follows to ask Clark to marry her.. Haha really funny! She was a little tipsy!
Yesterday we taught this awesome guy named Ralph.  We need to hand him over to the English elders. He is such a cool guy. So humble and so open hearted!
Other than that not much going on. I am starting to stink at writing in my Journal.. :( I need to get better at that again! And yeah things are great! The atmosphere here is amazing! Especially when we go down to the bottom of my area right before a Yankees game! So many people! It's cool! Now I really just want to go inside of the stadium!

But life is good! Pretty much the same! Elder Eliason and I are working very hard so that is nice! :) I like working hard. It makes me happy even though it is very hard to get out of the house sometimes. But at the end of the day I really do just feel proud of myself, knowing I did all I could. It has also been really cool to see how the Lord guides us to those people who are ready to receive the message of the Gospel! There are a lot of open hearted  people here. Sometimes you got to dig through mounds of dirt to find the hidden treasure at the bottom. It has been awesome living here. I am going to miss it a lot. Don't get me wrong - there are days where I don't want to be doing this.. Because it is hard. But then I remember I only have 10 more months, and think of how much I am going to miss it.. There is real life for the rest of my life.. Being a missionary is only 2 years. And I will never be able to give myself completely to the Lord, like I am able to now. I am so grateful for this opportunity! :)

 The rest of you take care and have a great week! I hope everything is going okay! I miss and love you all so much! I am excited to call home soon! LOVE YOU! :)

Love, Mark! :)  

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